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              Advantages of four process cutting machine processing panel furniture:
              1. Dual purpose door panel and cabinet: structurally speaking, the four processes belong to the simple tool change model, which uses four spindles to realize the tool change function through pneumatic switching. The cabinet can be used for material cutting and punching, and can also be used for simple door processing.
              2. Simple operation: compared with the row drilling and material cutting equipment, the operation of the four process material cutting machine is relatively simple and easy to learn. Moreover, once one spindle fails, the equipment also completes the function of material cutting and drilling by relying on three spindles.
              3. The price is relatively low: it is suitable for small and medium-sized furniture factories. Even the 120000 to 130000 four process CNC cutting machine with high configuration is more expensive than the model with drilling bag. It is a good choice for furniture factories with great financial pressure.
              However, the four process cutting machine also has some disadvantages. Although it can give consideration to the cabinet body and cabinet door, the speed of processing the cabinet body is not as fast as the NC cutting processing with drilling bag. Moreover, if the door type is slightly more complex, the four knives must not be enough. If you change the knives manually back and forth, you need to set the knives frequently, which will not only keep up with the efficiency, but also have great errors in processing accuracy. Therefore, the four process cutting machine belongs to an entry-level panel furniture cutting equipment. With the development of the factory and the increase of production, it is certain to use higher cutting processing equipment in the later stage.
              Generally speaking, as an entry-level CNC cutting equipment, the four process cutting machine still has great advantages in processing panel furniture. At present, there are various brands of four process openers in the market, and the prices are also uneven. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, we must pay more attention to investigate and find some powerful manufacturers with high ranking, such as Jinan sudiao CNC. Many manufacturers are good at price war, so we must not buy inferior equipment for a short time. Then a series of after-sales problems may occur in the later stage, affecting the use of equipment and delaying the normal production progress.
              The above is the detailed introduction of the four process opener. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.ahdalei.com/