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              來源:http://www.ahdalei.com 時間:2021-06-28 

              Through the analysis of our technical team, we found that the general stepper motor and driver Shell did not use aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy shell for magnetic shielding, which caused interference to the highly sensitive receiver system, made it unable to work, and polluted the power supply, resulting in the engraving machine control system's single-chip microcomputer and upper computer unable to communicate, and even caused the single-chip microcomputer crash, It is difficult for normal use, so the interference problem must be solved.
              1、 Add power filter to reduce the pollution of AC power supply.
              Connect the ground of power filter, PE of driver (insulation between driver and chassis bottom plate), outgoing line of control pulse direction pulse dir short circuit, motor ground wire, cable protective sleeve between driver and motor, driver shield wire to the grounding post on chassis wall, and ensure good contact.
              2、 Try to increase the distance between the control line and the power line (L, n), motor drive line (U, V, w) to avoid crossing. For example, when we deal with the installation position of two drivers in the same chassis in the dual axis drive system, one driver's name plate of woodworking engraving machine is facing forward, the other is facing backward, and these leads should be as short as possible in the structural arrangement.
              3、 Use the shielded wire to reduce the interference from the outside world, or from the outside world.
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